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The Benefits of an Editorial Evaluation

Importance of Editorial Quality

  • No matter how small or big an audience, the editorial quality of the work matters.
  • The first question readers and industry professionals ask about a book: Is it good?

The Quality-Assurance Process

  • If evaluations or services do not meet iUniverse standards, they are sent back to the evaluator or editor for specific alteration that will help the service achieve those high standards.
  • Authors who buy services from outside providers have neither the leverage nor the expertise to know whether they are receiving a quality edit at industry-standard prices; we do.
  • If an author has a specific complaint related to an Editorial Evaluation or Service (not just “My book is great and I want Editor’s Choice!”), one of our professional editorial staff will review the complaint and then address the issues—both with the author and the editor—to create a fair solution.

Professional Editorial Staff

  • Nearly all publishing houses today—even the largest—outsource their editorial services to professional freelancers. iUniverse draws from the same freelance pool of editorial service providers that the large traditional houses do.

"I appreciate all the editorial work that went into the analysis – I was very impressed with the job iUniverse did with my book.  The analysis was thorough, clear, and very helpful. Thank you again for all your assistance on making This Golden Land even better!" -Barbara Wood, author of This Golden Land