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Sell Your Book Through Word of Mouth

Through an innovative marketing mix, Allen Weaver organically built interest in his young adult fiction novel Speedsuit Powers. Based on the conflict between the new kid in school and his bully, Weaver's book took off when he used his network and imagination to market it.

With colleagues, friends and family, Weaver assembled a publicity team to help him promote the book and increase sales.

"I had Speedsuit Powers T-shirts made up, and each day, I or someone in my circle wears one," Weaver said. "People ask about the shirt, and that generates discussion about the book right then and there." Those discussions have turned into multiple on-the-spot sales for the novel.

"We also pass out flyers, and we have a strong Internet presence that helps drive Web sales," Weaver said.

That online presence includes a Speedsuit Powers fan page on Facebook, a book website and a YouTube channel that houses the book's video trailer. Weaver's online marketing spurs on what he feels is his most valuable selling tactic: word-of-mouth.

"It's the number one way to promote," Weaver said. "If it's just you talking about your book, you can only get so far. But once you get others to talk, then you'll go the distance."

So how does Weaver recommend you increase your book sales?

  1. Develop a strong online presence
  2. Use your network to help you market and sale
  3. Encourage word-of-mouth promotion