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Maximizing Your Book’s Online Marketing with 5 Easy-to-Implement Tips

In indie publishing, the most crucial piece to your book’s online marketing plan is you. As the author, you need to be actively engaged in promoting your book. Here are 5 easy-to-implement online marketing tips that you can use to maximize your title’s presence and see sales start rolling in.

Maximize Your Social Network by Befriending Fellow Authors

Meeting and becoming friends with your fellow authors will do wonders for you and your book. They are your peers in the business and may help you market and promote your book. Also, interacting with fellow authors can lead to other opportunities for you. They can lead you to new global markets, help you develop new story ideas, and lend a hand as you hone your craft. But most importantly, becoming friends with your fellow authors will give you a positive sense of community—priceless to any author.

Maximize Your Online Presence

As much as possible, keep your book or author website updated and fresh. Post updates about your book, related activities, and your current writing projects. Casual visitors, readers, and fans of your book will enjoy browsing through your site.

Maximize Online Interest by Blogging

Blogging is a must for any author. Start your own blog or guest blog with fellow authors. Join online groups and social networks to gain attention for you and your book. Post updates and new information about your book, book signings and related activities. Interaction with readers and fellow authors will definitely keep the interest high.

Maximize Your E-mail Signature

Your e-mail signature can be one of your best marketing tactics. Every e-mail you send is a prime opportunity to market your book. Add your byline (or pen name), e-mail address, website address, latest novels, and where interested readers may get copies online.

Maximize Your e-Press Release

The electronic press release is one of your most powerful marketing weapons. For anything related that happens to your book or marketing activities send a press release. Planning library or bookstore signing? Send a press release. Opening a literary evening activity with a chapter reading? Send another press release. If you need a little help with your press release publicity campaign or designing your own blog and author website then iUniverse can make it happen. Contact your marketing consultant today on 1-800-AUTHORS.