3 Ways #AmazonCart Helps Authors

Amazon and Twitter have made online shopping even easier with #AmazonCart. This feature seamlessly connects the social sharing of Twitter with the Amazon shopping experience. Authors, publicists and fans alike can incorporate Amazon links in their tweets about books.

How it Works

When Twitter users see an Amazon product link in a tweet, they can reply with #AmazonCart and the product will automatically be added to their Amazon shopping cart, which can be reviewed or edited before purchase. This allows for uninterrupted social media as users do not have to leave their Twitter interface to navigate to Amazon and search for the title.

To take advantage of #AmazonCart, Twitter followers must connect their Amazon account to their Twitter account. This is done by editing the connection preferences in their Amazon Social Settings.

Social shopping for readers; social selling for authors

The #AmazonCart feature can be mutually beneficial for readers and authors of self-published titles. Authors can tweet their Amazon product links to their followers or even commission public figures to promote the links to their books. Any self-published author with a Twitter account can take advantage of this marketing opportunity.

All you need to do is tweet with your book’s Amazon product link in the message. Don’t forget to promote your older titles as well, but avoid tweeting the same content too frequently. A good strategy is to tweet different content while incorporating Amazon links. Your book-related tweet frequency should be determined by how often you promote other content in your feed.

3 ways that #AmazonCart helps authors:

  1. Boost book sales – Twitter users can conveniently add your book to their Amazon shopping carts when they see it in a post. Direct your current and potential readers to follow you on Twitter and encourage them to sign up for #AmazonCart. Then, when you release a new book and tweet about it, it will be easy for them to add the title to their carts and purchase.
  2. Generate exponential impressions – When users add your book to their cart, their replies are visible to anyone viewing the conversation and on their timeline (unless it is private). If a public figure or influencer adds your book using the hashtag #AmazonCart, your book makes additional impressions on their followers, who might then reply and add it to their cart, potentially introducing your book to even more followers. In the same way, if your readers post a review of your book with the Amazon product link, your book gets possible exposure to their followers.
  3. Reach out to interested readers – By searching for your product link in Twitter or using a tracking service, such as Twitter Counter, you can see who has replied to your book’s link. This can help you gauge how well your tweets are engaging your followers and also gives you the opportunity to reach out and interact with them directly.

* Please note: Digital products are not eligible to be added using #AmazonCart at this time. Instead, Amazon will send a sample of the book to the user’s last registered device along with the link to purchase.

See an example tweet here: