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Broadcast Pro




The Broadcast Pro publishing package will help you share your e-book with digital readers everywhere. You’ll also harness the power of social media to get readers to share your e-book with their friends and followers. The Broadcast Pro package includes everything from our Broadcast package, plus our Display Advertising on Google - 90 days Package and Digital Discovery service.

The Broadcast Pro Package Includes...

  • One-on-One Author Support
  • Non-exclusive Contract
  • Author Volume Discounts
  • Elite Cover Design
  • Personalized Back Cover
  • ISBN Assignment
  • Worldwide Book Distribution
  • ePub Format & Distribution
  • Hardcover Format
  • 30 Free Softcover Books*
  • 10 Free Hardcover Books*
  • 20 Free BookStub™ Cards 
  • 50 B&W Image Insertions
  • Copyright Registration
  • Library of Congress Control Number
  • Editorial Evaluation
  • Star Program Eligibility
  • Editor's Choice Eligibility
  • Barnes & Noble "Read Instantly" Feature
  • Rising Star Eligibility
  • Cover Copy Polish
  • Social Media Setup Guide
  • Amazon "Look Inside" and Google Preview
  • Elite Interior Design
  • Booksellers Return Program
  • Book Signing Kit
  • Trifecta Review
  • Author Website Setup - Deluxe
  • Display Advertising on Google - 90 days Package
  • Digital Discovery

Disclaimer: Package includes the cost of the free books and BookStub™ cards, but you're responsible to pay the cost of shipping and handling.

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