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iUniverse Timeline

This timeline is an approximation, and we will do our best to avoid any delays. There are some items in this timeline that may not apply to all packages. Refer to the website or speak to your representative if you have questions about what your package includes. The timeline estimate below begins once we have received final workable materials. If a delay should occur, we will inform you of the issue as soon as possible. Likewise, if you need additional time to complete a task, please let us know.

Content Evaluation (2-3 weeks): Our content team will conduct a review of your materials. See the content standards for what they will be looking for.

Editorial Evaluation (3-4 weeks): iUniverse sends your manuscript to a professional reviewer, who reads your manuscript and prepares a ten- to twenty-page Editorial Evaluation. This format provides you with valuable feedback about your strengths and weaknesses as a writer, and in particular, the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript. Once this has been completed, the Editorial Department will send you the Editorial Evaluation and a letter explaining your options at that time.

Your Revision Period (minimum 2 weeks):

  • You will have two weeks to make revisions to your manuscript based on both your vision for this book and the Editorial Evaluation results. You may also decide not to make any changes at all; the decision is up to you.
  • If you elect to undergo any of the iUniverse editing services, these typically take 3-5 weeks to complete, with the developmental edit taking 8-12 weeks. These timelines could be longer depending on the length of your book. You will have another revision period of about 2 weeks at this stage before your book moves out of the Editorial Process.

Cover Copy Polish (Up to 2 weeks): Our professional copywriting staff will take your ideas for both front and back cover text and mold them into promotional copy that will get your book noticed. We'll polish the text that you provide, editing the hardcover flaps, back cover copy, author bio and keynote. The copywriter will also evaluate your book's title, subtitle and any additional front cover copy you provide, making professional changes or suggestions when appropriate.

Design Review (Up to 1 week): Your Design Team will review the materials and instructions you have provided. If they encounter any technical problems that may affect our ability to publish the book, or if they find any missing information necessary to complete your book, you will be contacted.

Design (up to 3 weeks): Your designers will create the cover and book block proofs for your book. The cover will be created based on your cover idea and using our plentiful supply of stock art and stock photography. Your book block will be based on your most recently submitted manuscript.

Author Proof (approximately 2 weeks): The first proof you will receive will be an electronic proof or “eProof”. An eProof is a PDF file of the cover and inside pages which you can view on your computer screen before a printed version is sent. When you receive the eProof, please review it very carefully, checking both the cover and the inside of the book for errors. At this stage, you can make corrections. We will provide you with a Proofing Guide to assist you in this process.

You will be allowed only one round with up to fifty free corrections for your own errors during the proof round. You will need the latest version of the Adobe Reader to view your proofs because they are provided in PDF format only. If you do not have Adobe Reader software, you can download the latest version for free from www.adobe.com/reader.

Corrections (up to 2 weeks): Our designers will make the changes exactly as you request on your proof forms.

Final Review (1-3 calendar days): Once the corrected proofs are available, your representative will send them to you for final approval.

Post Production (up to 3 weeks): Once we receive your final approval, we will send your book’s information for display preparation and printer setup.