E-book Publishing Formats

E-book publishing is a great way to distribute your book. It’s usually costs much less than traditional publishing and gives you a better royalty rate. It also is an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional publishing. E-books are published in a variety of formats so they are compatible with the different reading devices on the market today. The different e-book publishing formats make it possible for e-books to be read on a computer, e-book readers such as the Kindle, and even some smartphones. Here are just a few of the most common e-book publishing formats available to iUniverse authors through our e-book publishing:


The EPub format is an open standard for e-books that was established by the International Digital Publishing Forum. This format is based on XHTML and XML and is a popular format choice for a wide range of devices.  When you take advantage of iUniverse’s e-book publishing service, your book will be available in this format, which is compatible with Sony Reader, BN.com nook, Kobo, iBooks Store, and Google Play Books.


.mobi/ .prc

This format is for Mobipocket e-books. This format is an open e-book standard that uses XHTML, JavaScript and frames. These files can be viewed with many PDAs and smartphones.  With iUniverse’s e-book publishing, we generate this format so that your e-book is available for Kindle e-readers on Amazon’s Kindle Store.


This format stands for “Portable Document Format” file. PDF format was created by Adobe Systems and is highly compatible with PCs, Macs and Linux systems. PDF files can also be viewed directly on the Web with Adobe Reader.  With our e-book publishing option, PDF e-books are available for purchase on iUniverse’s Bookstore as well as distributed on major e-book retail sites, such as ebookmall.com and diesel-ebooks.com.

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