Types of E-book Publishing Devices

There are many e-book publishing devices on the market today. Sometimes it’s hard to know which one does what. Here are more details about some popular e-book reading devices:

Amazon Kindle

The first version of the Amazon Kindle was released back in November 2007. Since then, several generations of the device have come out. The original Kindle features a 6-inch, 4-level grayscale display and has 250 MB of internal memory. This e-book publishing device can hold 200 non-illustrated e-books and has software applications for Windows, BlackBerry, Mac OS X and Android.

Newer versions of the Kindle have larger screens, are lighter, less thick and include many other features. Newer Kindle versions support PDF files and have accelerometers that allow users to smoothly rotate pages between landscape and portrait layouts.

Barnes and Noble Nook

The Barnes and Noble Nook was released in November 2009. This e-book publishing device can access Barnes and Noble’s large library of thousands of e-books. You can also use this e-book publishing device to read periodicals. The Nook has a 6-inch black and white E Ink display and a color touch screen. It also has WiFi and 3G connectivity. The Nook uses an Android-based operating system.

The Kobo eReader

Released in May of 2010, the Kobo eReader is Border’s contribution to the e-book reading device market. It is smaller than the Nook and second generation Kindle. The Kobo eReader has a 6-inch screen and can display eight shades of gray. It even comes loaded with 100 free classic titles like Moby Dick, Dracula and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. The Kobo eReader can access more than a million books and supports ePub, Adobe and PDF files.

Sony Reader

The first Sony Reader was introduced in September of 2006. There are 10 models on the market. Sony Readers can display Adobe PDFs, ePub files, RSS feeds, JPEGs and Sony’s BroadBand e-books. This e-book reader can also play MP3s. The readers run on the MontaVista Linux Professional Edition operating system.

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