How to Choose an E-book Publisher

The self-publishing professionals at iUniverse know how important your finished book is to you. We know you’ve worked hard for months or even years, and poured your heart and soul out on the pages in order to bring your creative vision to life. We also know there are many e-book publishers out there who might not be as attentive to your unique creative needs. So before you decide on an e-book publisher, here are a few things to take into consideration:

Examine the Quality

Before you send your book to an e-book publisher, check out some examples of their finished work. Purchase and download one of their e-books and see how well it’s edited. Observe the quality of the download as well. If you’re not impressed by what you see, keep shopping around for other e-book publishers.

Learn About the Publishing Experience

Let’s say you’ve taken a look at a particular e-book publisher’s work and you like it. Before you make the final decision to publish your book with them, try asking other authors about their experience with the company of interest. Check out a few self-publishing blogs for more feedback. If someone has left positive or negative feedback about that specific company, try to get in contact with them and learn more about their experience. You can also do a Google search for additional reviews.

Know Your Rights

Some e-book publishing companies don’t allow you to keep full ownership of your work once it is published. This is not good for an indie author like you because loss of copyright limits what you can do with your work in the future, as well as who could cut into your profits. For example, if someone wants to adapt your novel for screenplay, and the production companies are ready to purchase it, your publishing company will get the profits from the sale. That’s why it’s always better to work with an e-book publisher that lets you retain the rights to your work.

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