Social Determinants of Health and Knowledge About HIV/AIDS Transmission Among Adolescents

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Godwin C. Osakwe draws on his academic knowledge and painstaking research to determine if there’s a link between knowledge and transmission of HIV/AIDS among youths in this important study. The author, who holds a doctorate degree in public health and a business management degree, shares broad information and engages in a comprehensive review of the origin of the disease. Focusing on Nigeria, he examines a multitude of factors that may play a role in the transmission of HIV, such as adolescent health care, demographics, social factors, and more. The goal of the study is to lessen HIV transmission by increasing knowledge about the disease. Governmental and nongovernmental organizations can use its findings to influence childhood health-care improvements and advance education to help reduce or eradicate HIV/AIDS transmission. With adolescents making up 23 percent of Nigeria’s population—and given this group is likely to engage in risky behavior—there’s never been a more critical time to strive to prevent the transmission of this devastating and, still, deadly virus.

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