Alien Quartet

Albert Samson Stories
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  • Published: November 2018
  • Format: E-Book
  • Pages: 208
  • ISBN: 9781532061103
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These four Albert Samson short stories are linked by one unusual client. The first story, “Who I Am,” begins when LeBron James climbs Albert’s stairs. He wants Samson to investigate a burglary at his Indianapolis home. This is not an everyday event for this PI: having a new client. Who I Am won the Shamus Award for best PI Story of 2011. In “Good Intentions,” a genuinely well-meaning man has been beaten so badly he needs hospital treatment. But he insists that he doesn’t want police to become involved. “Extra Fries” opens when a man has been caught cheating by his wife. Unusually, it’s the cheater who is the detective’s client, not the wife. Extra Fries was nominated for the Shamus of 2013. “A Question of Fathers” sees Albert search for a man due to inherit millions of dollars. The investigation helps him find a new level of understanding with his daughter, his mother, and himself. But what about his father?

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