Living a Victorious Life through Jesus Christ
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There was a time in Rebecca Sorrell’s life when she wasn’t taking care of her health and her body. She wasn’t eating properly, and she wasn’t exercising regularly. Sorrell feels she was overweight, and her blood pressure was too high. But after she experienced a left-brain stroke, she knew she needed to take control. In Win, Sorrell shares the story of her stroke and tells how she had to relearn how to walk, drive a car, brush her teeth, take a shower, comb her hair, wash clothes, cook, clean house, and dress herself. She discusses the challenges and the difficult times she faced during the recovery process. A story of perseverance, Win narrates how she used her faith in God to change her habits and her life to overcome the difficulties she experienced as a result of the stroke. Sorrell also offers advice and scriptural support for those who may be facing the same health journey.

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