The New Phoenix

Ancient Theologies Appear in Christianity Today
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  • Published: September 2018
  • Format: E-Book
  • Pages: 188
  • ISBN: 9781532057663
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We find a bird called the phoenix, which according to myth is symbolic of death and resurrection. According to Greek mythology, the sun god was the mentor of the phoenix, and around the world there are similar mythologies regarding the phoenix. In The New Phoenix, author Jackie Madison explains how just like the phoenix is resurrected from death, there is a doctrine that has survived several false religions and movements. The religions will die, but the doctrine—which is the spirit of that religion—will rise again. The doctrine she is referring to is the Kingdom Now movement, also known as Dominion theology. Jackie shares her firsthand experience walking on dangerous ground, as she finally learns the truth about this doctrine, the movement, and its leadership. With each resurrection of this theology and doctrine, the followers of the movement proudly announce that God is doing a new thing. But God isn’t doing a new thing. The phoenix is rising again!

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