Wings of Aces

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World War II leaves most of the world in ruins. Hunger and homelessness wreak havoc on past military professionals who no longer feel they have a future or direction. Torn by the loss of his wife and son, an American admiral searches the globe for the best pilots he can find. It is more than a distraction from his grief but also a way to offer these aces a way out of the rubble. He creates an air race, which brings together war birds from all over the world. Once enemies, now competitors, these madmen and women are desperate for victory. Participation guarantees transportation, papers, a thousand bucks, and travel to anywhere in the world once the race is over. Details are vague, but it’s enough for these broken souls. Along the way, unexpected friendships form and even love blossoms for one lucky couple. There are questions among the contestants, but even when their air race takes a dark turn, it’s worth the chance at a new life. The war took everything from these brave pilots; now, they race to get back what they lost—and so much more.

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