The Lighthouse of Words

My Spiritual Journey from Abandonment to Divine Appointment
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All of us need some kind of guidance when we’re navigating through the brutal, savage, vicious winds and storms of life. Yet never before has there been a time when we have been so confused, befuddled, and confounded in finding our way out of various dark and foggy conditions. Where can we find the light to guide us forward? In The Lighthouse of Words, author and reverend Sylvester T. Gillespie explores these shady, vague, and dark places that have taken up residence in the canyons of our minds. Because we have allowed ourselves to be overwhelmed by this darkness, we are now lost in what has become a strange land in which to live. Yet from the Bible emanates a light that can show us the way of truth and righteousness, and in God’s Word we can seek the refuge we need from today’s world. We can find answers in the darkness that surrounds us, and we can move from this darkness into the light. Although our lives may be difficult, we can always turn to God and his Word, the Bible, to find purpose and not let the horrible experiences define our lives.

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