A Tale of Meegles and Teegles

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Imagine fearing something you know nothing about. Imagine going to sleep worrying that your worst fears will come true. This is life for the Teegles. In author Papa Fish’s A Tale of Meegles and Teegles, you’ll discover the Teegles. They believe the Meegles are mean and nasty and want to invade the land of Teegle. Would you believe that no Teegle has ever seen a Meegle? What should the Teegles do? Send someone to the land of Meegle to find out if the Meegles are really coming, of course. But which Teegle will be sent? What will they find out? Let’s leap into the lands of Teegle and Meegle. This poetic adventure will tell you all that happens in the lands of Teegle and Meegle.

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