An Elusive Target

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After Lilly Homayoony is born as an only child to English parents in London, she grows up in an idyllic family where she is loved, nurtured, and encouraged to explore the world around her. As she matures into a beautiful young woman and graduates from college, Lilly’s English-Persian heritage earns her attention from men that eventually transforms into innocent love and subsequent heartache. It is not until she meets John, a handsome, sophisticated, and polite Persian, that everything changes for Lilly. Despite knowing her parents are strongly against their union, Lilly feels she is destined to fall in love with John and be married. As she plunges headfirst into their relationship and commitment to spend the rest of their lives together, Lilly has no idea that she will eventually be forced to endure a painful and frightening nightmare as a result of her cross-cultural marriage. When a shocking truth is revealed, Lilly must rely on her wits if she is going to save herself from a fate she never could have imagined. In this gripping tale, a young woman deeply in love with a handsome Persian man must decide who she can trust after experiencing the ultimate betrayal.

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