Middy Brown’s Journal III

A Time for Everything
  • Also available as: Perfect Bound Softcover
  • Published: December 2017
  • Format: E-Book
  • Pages: 178
  • ISBN: 9781532032585
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Settled into her condo a few doors from her boss Cal, Middy is thrust into Pam’s problem that shatters her world, right when she’s in the middle of the embarrassing fact that George has involved family pal, Father McMullen, in his scheme to divorce Middy. George demands that she sign his trumped-up divorce documents and admit to a series of unbelievable and private sins so he can quickly be shod of her. While struggling through these personal problems, a frantic Father Mac calls to say he’s found a woman’s body at church. The victim is the leader of a group of women at the church calling themselves the Magdalenes. They insist on preaching from the pulpit about all the facts they’ve gleaned from the Internet about their heroine, Mary Magdalene. They claim she was the wife of Jesus and the mother of his children, some of whom were born after his supposed crucifixion. Obviously, Middy wants to help since Father Mac is arrested for the murder, but she must avoid being recognized by the archbishop’s office for her involvement—again. Cal, now a private contractor for the Department of Homeland Security, insists that she obtain a security clearance, back off from sleuthing, and work with him at Mosscreek. He hopes to convince her to spend a new life together in peace and tranquility . . . really? Is he talking about Middy? Wait till he finds out that she’s up to her ears in the mafia.

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