Mr. Gleason’s Fourth-Grade Class

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Mr. Gleason is a very unusual man. In his class, he does some very unexplainable things. He has many secrets he hopes no one will ever find out. Jonas, Lexie, and Amy are in Mr. Gleason’s class. They have been the best of friends, having known one another since kindergarten. They like their new teacher but notice some strange things they can’t explain. Ms. Sullivan is the other fourth-grade teacher. She also is starting to wonder about Mr. Gleason and some of the things she is hearing about him. She accidentally finally finds out more about him than she wanted to. It becomes quite a wild ride for her. She never would have believed the things she would experience with Mr. Gleason. The hard part for her was that she could never ever tell anyone what she knows about him. What were these things she could never discuss? This is a science-fiction book that you will find hard to put down. It takes some real twists and turns that will surprise you. I hope you will enjoy it. It’s very different from my other books.

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