Telecom Management for Large Organizations

A Practical Guide
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If you manage large telecommunications infrastructures, you know there are lots of moving parts to keep track of—and that failing to do so can lead to big problems.

In Telecom Management for Large Organizations, you’ll learn about five key areas: the telecom manager, macro issues, telecom consulting, bills and billing processing, and the future.

Luiz Augusto de Carvalho, who has more than twenty-five years of experience as a telecommunication engineer and business administrator, explains how telecom managers typically work as well as how to:

• do work efficiently and allocate resources;

• make quick assessments about telecom needs;

• determine when to seek help from external consultants; and

• resolve and navigate problems in the billing process.

The author also explores the relative importance of auditing bills, why billing errors often go unresolved, and how to improve expense management.

Reduce costs, enhance customer service, and prevent small problems from becoming big ones with the guidance in this practical telecom management guide.