The Mark of the Beast

What Is Mankind?
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Man is a complicated piece of machinery created and operated by God. From the beginning of time, man has sought to control himself and everything around him. Although man has made much progress, he will never be able to attain complete control until he can overpower God—a goal that even Lucifer could not accomplish. Billy Wilson is a seasoned pastor who passionately believes that God is still in charge despite man’s rebellion. Within a comprehensive exploration of the Book of Revelation and man’s determination to move away from God, Wilson shares thoughtful reflections that carefully examine the good work of the Lord and Satan’s evil influence while pointing others to seek wisdom and guidance from the Spirit of God. Through it all, Wilson encourages God’s followers to read the Bible and loyally preach and explain the Word to man—the one who ultimately holds the power to choose between right and wrong. The Mark of the Beast offers a pastor’s examination of the sixteenth chapter of the Bible as he reflects on the issues that Satan is causing in today’s world and guides spiritual seekers to find hope within the Word of God.

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