The Land of Potions and Possibilities

Grace’s Secret Journey
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Ten-year-old Grace is an adventurous girl who doesn’t fit in well in school. She is a dreamer, and her only real friend is her granny, who fills Grace’s head with magical stories. One day, these tales become Grace’s realities, places where she wishes to be.

During school holidays, Grace visits Granny’s big old mysterious house in the countryside, and there she discovers the secret room. It’s in this room she steps through the magical mirror into another world where she encounters many enchanting experiences.

The joy ends when she meets a temptress who shows her the red potions with the power to expel her from the magical world. Grace drinks one and is catapulted out of the Land of Potions and Possibilities. She becomes ill and pines to return. The only way for Grace to get back is to find the green potion and drink it.

A fantasy for young readers, The Land of Potions and Possibilities shows that true magic exists, and once you believe, you can experience a whole new magical world.

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