An Urban Fable

Slow and Steady Wins the Race and Other Short Stories
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Shawn and Larry grow up in the same neighborhood, but they are very different! Shawn gets up early every day to deliver newspapers and save money. Larry steals cars and stands on the corner. Larry thinks Shawn works much too hard, but Shawn knows that dedicated, hard work will get him far in life. As they grow, their lives change … Shawn goes off to college to become a lawyer, and Larry still makes fun of him for spending too much time working. Whereas Larry has gold chains, fancy haircuts, and lots of girlfriends, Shawn has books and school. Larry’s life does look very glamorous, but Shawn worries that Larry will one day get into big trouble. Eventually, thanks to all his hard work, Shawn graduates college and becomes a successful lawyer. What do you suppose happened to Larry? Well, nothing good! It goes to show that being responsible can get a person far in life but looking for shortcuts causes nothing but disappointment. Also included in An Urban Fable is the short story “I Don’t Have Any Ugly Children” about a young girl who feels different, but her mother says she’s beautiful in every way. Finally, “Who Will Help Me?” tells the tale of how making excuses has negative effects.

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