What the Bible Really Tells Us

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So many of us grow up being constantly reminded about an all-forgiving, merciful, and beneficent deity. All throughout life, it can even be drummed into us that we cannot live happy, purposeful lives without a heavenly father who protects us and grants our wishes through prayer. And if things don’t go according to plan, then we are simply told that God works in mysterious ways! But what if we have more questions? What if these things we are being told, taught, and even sold just don’t live up to expectation? What the Bible Really Tells Us looks to the very source of many of these doctrines and teachings about divinity and human nature—the Judeo-Christian Bible—in order to unveil some of the reasons why the same questions about God, his nature, and biblical history often reveal different (and sometimes inconsistent or even contradictory) answers. Exploring issues related to God’s nature such as his character, qualities, and attributes, as well as investigating biblical events and figures like Adam and Eve and creation, Noah and the flood, and Abraham and his chosen lineage. It asks us not only to think critically about the factual discrepancies and oddities but also to question why this biblical God—or gods, as it may be—is in fact so similar to ourselves. The Bible was written thousands and thousands of years ago, but everybody has been conditioned and told to believe it regardless of the facts—and sometimes even regardless of the often contradictory and inconsistent passages in the Bible itself! Faced with an idiosyncratic God and an incongruous book, we can study What the Bible Really Tells Us and confront a challenging thought: Did God create us, or did we create him?

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