Morgan of Belthus

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The Arnests, ancient enemies of the Sopubs, have kidnapped Morgan’s father, Dorian Sopub. Without him the wine business is in danger, and the rest of the family is paralyzed with fear. Ignoring her sister Laura’s concerns for her safety, Morgan assassinated a man for Sharpenia’s ruler in exchange for soldiers to be sent to Belthus to rescue her father. But Morgan will not be waiting for a final report, and in her heart she doubts whether the foray into Sharpenia did her any good at all. Now Morgan is newly married to Lord Dukan Dragon and she’s finally home in Belthus. She anticipates a fairytale honeymoon with her husband, while swiftly locating her beloved father. But everything feels off from the start, including Morgan herself. Her plan for easy answers and a relaxed trip rapidly unravels in her hands. Instead, she must race across the continent in search of her father through dense jungles, vast plains, and lonely seas to confront the very face of naked evil. It is a journey that risks both her life and her soul in a test of wills with her hated enemy, Niamon Arnest. But Niamon isn’t interested in just Dorian Sopub; he’s after the soul of Belthus itself.

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