Archibald Spider and His Paper Glider

Book 1: The Farm Adventure
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Archibald is a happy, curious spider who dreams about going on exciting adventures. One day Archibald spots a red paper glider stuck in the branches of a big maple tree, and he decides it’s finally his chance to fly. He soars into the air and flies over the farm, open fields, and into barns. As he meets other creatures who help him solve the many problems he encounters, Archibald is already busy planning his next adventure!

Included in the book is a paper glider so children can fly along with Archibald or create their own adventures. The story of Archibald is designed to appeal to both boys and girls. A reading guide is also included that offers suggestions on how to reread the book in new ways. Using different perspectives and being actively involved teaches children different skills and knowledge.

In this captivating children’s tale, a spider sets out on a great paper glider adventure that makes his dream come true while teaching him the value of friendship.

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