Keep Voting, America

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  • Published: December 2017
  • Format: E-Book
  • Pages: 214
  • ISBN: 9781532036958
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Here is what the US core citizens (the family) can accomplish with help from Keep Voting, America: —Have a better understanding of how the United States evolved. —Develop an honest, moral, industrious lifestyle void of tyranny. —Continue voting to assure the right to run the country at all levels of government. —Have potential to become the pillar of the community as informed active voters. —Reestablish a quality of life. One of many definitions of filling the shoes of a United States patriot is to become a family of community-minded citizens through the United States Family Liberty Plan, an honest enterprise. I hope you give this concept serious thought! By doing so, you support the concept of a more perfect union. A patriot is not defined by how much money and stuff you own. A patriot facilitates the running of this great country. Your family can achieve patriotism as you go unplugged—meet once a week, talk with your family—and study our country’s past and present. When all family citizens, voting age or not, participate in the relearning of the United States’ history, it is possible to strengthen our weakening liberties. Voting is key to the survival of our quality of life. Your council can strive toward transparency, justice, respect, liberty, and the pursuit of a happy and industrious life. Amen, and pass the cup!

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