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The land of Varon K’aii is newly united under the rule of King Xerus and his queen, Skylar of the Nazuré tribe. For the former renowned beast master, being a queen is just as thrilling as it is stifling. Royal pedigree is more intricate than she ever imagined, which fills her with both dread and fear. Still, Queen Skylar has but one dream to see the land she rules—and she is willing to do anything to make it come true. When a friend of the king requests his assistance for an important matter, Skylar offers her services, despite her lack of worldly experience, and requests to be sent on the journey. It is her chance to prove that she is more than just a figurehead to her people and husband. As the king works to merge a very foreign world, it becomes Skylar’s task to meet with those who oppose a unified country and potentially pose a threat to Xerus’s personal and global desires. But as she sets out on her quest, now only time will tell if her journey will cause a rift in her relationship with the king or prompt her to be respected, not just in his eyes, but also in the eyes of the world. Maxim tells the compelling tale of a determined queen who desires to see the world and a king who intends to change it.

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