Theory of Quadsitron-Energy Connectivity

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The luminous aether, a concept known for hundreds of years, is the fine essence of the universe. Over the last 130 years, mainstream science abandoned the knowledge such an aether existed. Yet, reawakening the principles of a luminous aether as the fabric of space--both within our being and surrounding us, reaching out in every direction to the very edges of the universe-- explains many unsolved mysteries. The luminous aether is a vast three-dimensional ocean of the tiniest and most elemental particles called quadsitrons. From the fusion of quadsitrons and energy, all else in the universe is constructed. The dynamics of quadsitrons interacting with energy accounts for and connects all the micro and macrophenomena that fill our lives, such as gravity, light, electrons, atoms, molecules, and magnetism. It is essential we understand and grasp the principles of this wondrous quadsitron-energy connectivity in order to advance our technology forward to interstellar travel.

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