Stars and Crosses

A Novel
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His father was a prisoner at Auschwitz. After his father dies, Chic embarks on a journey to Poland. There he meets a Jewish American woman whose mother also survived the Holocaust. What discoveries will he make about his family's past during the bloodiest time in European history? It is March 1998 and Chic Lucas is down on his luck. He has endured three major losses within a short period of time: the death of his father, a divorce, and the loss of his long-time job. Heartsick at his recent defeats, Chic is embarking on a quest to replenish his soul by returning to Poland, the land of his parents’ tribulations, to learn more about his family’s life during World War II. As his journey takes him from Kansas City to Poland, Chic’s path crosses with that of a Jewish-American woman, Ruth Mintz, who is there to commemorate her mother’s experiences as a Holocaust survivor. As Chic’s eyes are opened to the anti-Semitism of some Polish people and the animosity many Jewish people hold toward the Poles, he and Ruth become romantically involved. While each sets down different yet equally enlightening trails to the truth, their relationship becomes complicated by the disparities in their backgrounds, leaving Chic and Ruth to decide whether they can overcome their challenges and move forward into the future together. In this compassionate tale of courage and survival, the paths of two strangers intertwine in Poland where each is searching for insight into a horrible period in history.

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