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Your past is important in shaping your future. But you cannot fix your past—only God can do that for you. Since God is the one who made you, he knows what can benefit you, and he can provide you with the blissfulness that you could only imagine. In I, LOVE, YOU? author Mardy Brown shows how God can carry you over into the promised land of the heavenly kingdom, and he helps you learn about who has been caring for you your whole life—even if you didn’t know it. By looking to the scriptures and reflecting on God’s love, you can discover all the ways God’s love can improve your life and offer you both material and spiritual fulfillment. God is love, and without his love we will have difficulties navigating the journey of life. But even when we face obstacles, we can be comforted in knowing that God is with us and that he loves us—unconditionally. Love is all there is and will ever be, so trust in God and embrace his love.

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