Maryland, My Maryland

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Every culture has its fair share of firmly entrenched beliefs in hexes, curses, the afterlife, superstitions, and ghosts. In Maryland, My Maryland, a retired educator and long-time storyteller intertwines historical and cultural experiences into an entertaining collection of perspectives, beliefs, customs, and plain old duppy stories from rural areas of Jamaica and Mexico. Delva Harvey Baker draws others into a ghostly world where ideas and experiences gleaned from an insider’s perspective both inform and entertain. Others will lose themselves in the triangle of love, death, and the Kumina drums; the intriguing story of David and Sonia; the macabre romance that plays out in a Mexican cemetery between two lovers; and the investigation of Miss Maggie’s new houseguest. The diverse stories are infused with rich bites of Jamaican patios formed from the truly eclectic mix of Spanish, English, and Iberian languages. Maryland, My Maryland is a hauntingly engaging compilation of ghost stories infused with references to Jamaican and Mexican culture that provoke questions and challenge beliefs.

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