Love Strength Faith

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“If she makes it … she’ll never walk again.”

What do we do when we are facing the unthinkable? How do we beat the odds? For fifteen-year-old LeRae, a grim prognosis and an unknown outcome would have her at the precipice of a scary, lonely, excruciatingly painful, and terrifying experience.

In Love, Strength, Faith, authors LeRae S. Faulkner and her mother, Beauty H. Faulkner, share a love story overflowing with heartache, mystical-magical miracles, and the hope that lingered softly between the breath of life and the peace of death. When LeRae is diagnosed with an advanced stage of Guillain-Barré syndrome, she and her mother would begin a journey filled with not only their stories but the stories of health-care workers, family, friends, healers, and all the amazing people who would play vital roles in helping LeRae get through this life-changing experience.

Through all her suffering, LeRae would find love, strength, and faith within herself, which ultimately kept her fighting for her life. And knowing instinctively that she would be unable to get better on her own, LeRae would welcome all that was offered to her through both modern and alternative medicine. Join LeRae and Beauty as they chronicle their journey from crisis to healing—a journey that can inspire hope and remind us just how precious life is.


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