Reflective Journeys

Actias Luna
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A continuation to the author’s previous collections subtitled ‘Methuselah’, and ‘Architeuthis’, an exploration of philosophical concepts and reflections on life all around us. Immerse yourself in this collection of writings organized in three sections: Form, Simple, and Complex. Awaken to the unfolding world around us and tap into the potential to reinvent, to re-imagine.

The magic is already there, waiting deep within, waiting
to be nurtured, waiting to be nurtured, to be unraveled
and surfaced. It is for you to allow it to unfold, with no
presumption of what will or will not be.
The new thing in front of me
I look upon it, taken for granted
As though sharing some common creed
And onwards we go, into the world

The North American Luna moth, a creature of metamorphosis, its journey from leaf to moonlight is a silent miracle, repeating itself over millennia. A life as brief as her unfolding transformation is astonishing. Our own unveiling journey holds similar magic, once we tune into it.

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