The Doppelgangers

The Others
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In September of 2006, David Blue and his girlfriend Deanne Rae Byrd witnessed horrifying and haunting occurrences at their farm in Port Clinton, Ohio, which challenged their reasoning and logic. They were joined by some unwelcomed and harmful guests, which resulted in David being committed to a psychiatric hospital for six months.

David is ready to be released from the hospital-but not from the nightmares that landed him there in the first place. Vowing never to return to the family farm in Port Clinton, David and Deanne are unavoidably pulled back by dark forces. They will not be alone, because joining them is a man in a ballerina’s tutu, and sneakers wearing a clown’s mask.

At the farm, the couple also finds a strange little teddy bear and a horde of creepy little kids. In the meantime, people are disappearing, all the way from Columbus to Port Clinton. A skeleton key with a red ribbon drives a group of strangers to David’s farm. What these strangers can’t anticipate is the horror that awaits them.

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