And Other Duties As Assigned

A Fast-Track Career Guide For SUPER DUPER Administrative Professionals!
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This book was written as a motivational and training guide for support staff, but just about anyone working in any corporate environment could benefit from the tips provided. It is hoped that every reader finds a few “take -aways”; perhaps something that either verified what you were already thinking or something that you can use to step up your game. No, it’s not easy to be in an administrative support role; especially when you’re likely to be recognized for the things you didn’t do far faster than the things you do correctly everyday, BUT there’s something to be said about those of us in these roles who move mountains everyday. After all, some of the stuff we do and do well on a regular basis is nothing short of heroic. The way we save the day working behind the scenes all to better our organizations is representation of SUPER HERO work! No, we may not be actually saving lives (or are we)…but we do some amazing things and while they may fly below the radar and may not be easily noticed, we must still celebrate ourselves and celebrate our profession! Be proud to be in your role! Own it and take responsibility for your success! There’s a saying, “behind every great man, there’s a greater woman”, well behind every successful executive is a Super Duper Admin!

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