A Spiritual Dictionary for Hope-filled Lovers of Christian Comedy
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“In this very room, I’m sensing a DEFINE presence…”

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That being the case, if 6,047 children from 175 different neighborhoods in 67 different countries each drew 34 pictures, the word-count equivalent would be…a ridiculously high number that has absolutely nothing to do with this book.

But hey, this isn’t a book of math problems – it’s the new book from nutcase author/comedian Donnell “Baby Christian” Owens, focusing on the unique definitions born of his one-of-a-kind brand of heavenly humor! So hop on and enjoy the ride! This spiritual motorbike is built from such an original blueprint design, every card-carrying member of Heaven’s Angels will join you in shouting, GRACE IS THE WORD!!!

Visit us at to find out what we at THURD/WIRM Christian publishing & entertainment are planning next. Hopefully, we’ve overcome all the bad publicity we recently received after Baby Christian stopped taking his meds – and tried to pull America together by running a world-class presidential campaign to elect a package of turkey bacon. CHRIST IS KING!!!

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