Charlie Blue Berry Fipple Berry

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East of the land of the Elves is the land of Sweet Smellums, lives a family of hedgehogs by the name of Fipple Berry. Charlie Blue Berry Fipple Berry is their only son, and he has three favorite things: eating Blue Berry muffins, fishing, and playing with his best friend, a polar bear named Norry Norris Fruit Bean. On one very special day, Charlie Blue Berry wakes up in celebration, because this day, is the last day of school before the summer!

All year long Charlie Blue Berry Fipple Berry tries to listen to his parents and to do the right thing, but it isn’t easy always. Thinking that his Mother did not notice, Charlie Blue Berry Fipple Berry does something his Mother asked him not to, and spends the whole day feeling bad about it. How will Charlie Blue Berry Fipple Berry explain what he has done? Charlie Blue Berry Fipple Berry feels so bad about what he has done, he tells his self he will never do anything bad again, but then Charlie Blue Berry Fipple Berry makes another mistake...a big mistake...........Children growing up make a lot of mistakes. Learning from our mistakes and telling the truth about things that we have done is always the right thing to do! We will must never be afraid to tell our parents when we have done something wrong, they love us, and wants to show us the right way.

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