Dreamwalker: Native Guide

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A little-known society of the Lakota tribe developed the skill to dream about the future. It was accepted that dreams could not necessarily bring about what a person wanted, but that they could be used to inform upon the future and protect people from harm.

Despite the society’s secrecy, however, a man named Conley is aware of it, thanks to his Lakota grandmother. At least, he is sure that if he dreams of something, it is bound to come true, one way or another.

Upon receiving a letter from his Grandma Violet announcing a visit, Conley suspects she has something important to tell him—maybe even something about their family history. Soon, he experiences a recurring dream about a Native American woman who looks like his grandma. Coaxed by this dream and his grandmother’s visit, Conley realizes he must go to South Dakota and search for his spirit guide.

Once there, Conley experiences a vision quest that allows him to better understand his skill. His dreams soon turn dark and dangerous, though, and he fears for those closest to him. Danger lingers nearby, and Conley must do all he can to prevent harm from spreading. He hopes to use his dreams to fight back, with the help of his spirit guide, but he must find the right clues—otherwise, Conley could end up dead.

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