The Black Widows

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In Chappaqua, New York, two elderly widows who look like grandmothers with nothing more exciting on their daily agendas than mopping the kitchen floor, are not who they seem. Originally from Afghanistan and Palestine, the widows are hiding a secret of monumental proportions.

From a back room in a small secondhand bookstore attached to their house, Mrs. Abramowitz and Mrs. Silverman control the Black Widows, a worldwide terrorist organization created with a dual purpose—to destabilize the Western world and to wage a personal vendetta of their own. As soon as Zach Dayan—an NYPD detective and former Israeli policeman—takes the case, he faces a series of apparently random murders with identical wounds slashed in the victims’ chests. Desperate for answers, he seeks help from his ex-lover and expert pathologist, Dr. Jayanti Joshi. After examining the hearts, Dr. Joshi quickly discovers the common thread of the murders. Unfortunately, the clue leads nowhere.

Zach’s search for the murderer leads him to the hidden caves of an impenetrable ancient desert city, where he is soon swept into the heart of an evil plot. Only time will tell if he can save the Western world from another Holocaust.

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