Elttem Dranoel

The Holy Truth
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The Holy Truth is designed to help people seeking meaningful relationships with people in general as well as to help prepare individuals for family life having a defined purpose in God. Weather you are a believer or not, this book would help you understand Christianity and the other Abrahamic religions and culture. It is a guide that would help you on your eternal journey home whatever your beliefs.

This book could be a fine and meaningful wedding present or a gift to anyone of any readable age. It is designed to induce harmony amongst people and encourage discussions of a divine nature. If you find you are not getting inclined this way then you probably have misunderstood its contents. Sometimes it takes a while to get the full concepts portrayed in the book since people's background knowledged of religion and spirituality may be inadequate. Give yourself sometime to ponder or meditate on the purpose of human life and destiny.

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