At this Time, In this Place

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At this Time, In this Place is a love story between an American Christian woman and a Japanese Buddhist man. Before graduating from college, Pamela Wentworth lost herself, winding up pregnant and married to a man she did not love. In 1985, Pam’s family hosts a Washburn University foreign exchange student, Takuho Osaki, who becomes Pam’s best friend. Pam teaches Tuk about restoring an old house; Tuk teaches Pam how to speak Japanese. Both teach each other about their culture – but the lessons do not end there. A mysterious box of letters brings some revelations for the two about what it really means to love someone. Through tragedy and heartache, Tuk helps Pam to find her true self, while he walks his own path of self-sacrifice.

The supporting story is the love story between Charles Henry Lerrigo, an immigrant from England, who marries Annabell Barry from Topeka, Kansas in 1895. Lerrigo becomes a medical doctor with a passion for writing adventure books. His work directing the Tuberculosis Association earned him the pen name of “The Christmas Seal Doctor.” The Lerrigo’s were the original owners of the American Four-square home that Pamela’s family restores in College Hill.

People who enjoy learning about other cultures and religions will like this book, as well as those who like old house restoration. The book is well grounded in the history of Topeka, Kansas, Washburn University and the College Hill neighborhood.

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