Creating Balance in a World of STRESS

Six Key Habits to Avoid in order to Reduce Stress
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Creating Balance in a World of STRESS is about having the tools you require to create the needed balance in your life that will in turn reduce the majority of stressors that you face on a daily basis. Balance is created when we can accomplish a smooth flow in all areas of our lives: work, school, home, family, friends and relaxation time. Unfortunately, when we get overwhelmed with duties, responsibilities, commitments, and obligations, we seem to place our own time for relaxation on the back burner. Ignoring our need for relaxation will result in burnout and stress. Creating Balance in a World of STRESS takes you through each part of your life and gives you ways to balance each area, what actions need to be taken and numerous ideas, tips, and techniques to get you where you want to be. The book explains the six key habits to avoid that will reduce stress and optimize health. The end result will leave you stress-free and empowered to establish inner peace, happiness, positive thinking, and healthy living.

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