The Making of a Legend
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Dark cloaks. The stench of corpses. The Spies of Mosiania have invaded the lands of elves, dwarves, dragons, witches, centaurs, water nymphs, and werecats. They've surfaced to help evil Lord Verteq return to power.

Still recovering from Verteq's last wars, the creatures are determined to overcome the rising trouble. The evil grows when the spies kidnap Rasnir, a recluse with senses like an animal, for his blood, an ingredient Verteq needs to return to power. Naive yet courageous, Rasnir's adopted elf-son, Satreih, sets out to rescue his father.

Accompanied by his protectorate, Chikara, a golden dragon, Satreih travels through the Sakki desert, the City of Rasiamoramisa, the Ugulaly Ocean, and the Seven Waterfalls on his quest. Befriended by Kaskin, a skilled and knowledgeable warrior, and Yia, a young witch who can shape-shift at will, the troupe finds the lands and powerful forms of magic more complicated than they realize. They are tested to their limits as their efforts increasingly focus on defeating the evil brewing in the land of Mosiania.

Skillfully combining epic and urban fantasy elements, Satreih: The Making of a Legend is an exciting and fast-paced story. From the first page, you'll be plunged into a world like no other.

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