My Quest For Computer Cognition

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  • Published: January 2009
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  • Pages: 236
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  • ISBN: 9780595531677
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To raise his grade average in biology class, New York high school sophomore Kurt Machaen Soldier writes an extra credit report. A patchwork of seemingly insignificant thoughts is hurriedly transferred to paper and handed in as A Treatise on the Nature of Life. A reading of this dissertation leads Kurt’s biology teacher onto a train of thought to recognize the homeostatic force links all known forms of life to a Creator.

Kurt’s treatise is a prophetic instrument given to the North American continent in the last half of the twentieth century that his nation can and will use to impose a moral standard on the future world.

My tome, A Treatise on the Nature of Life was registered with the U.S. Copyright Office on the eleventh day of June 1984. What caused me to seek copyright status to this first initial collection of thoughts was after a lucid flash of insight allowed me to realize the application of simple Cartesian mathematics upon the several different forms of biological life I had categorized. The Cartesian graphs involve polar opposites: pain paired with joy, love paired with hate, and my treatise is written such that those four elementary, grade-school level words (and others I utilize within the graphs of my treatise) are interchangeable with and synonymous to other concise, esoteric words depending upon context. My treatise has been written intending for the ideas to be quickly transmitted and understood by a young person with a remedial understanding of the sciences and also to those honored with summa cum laude.

My treatise collates similarities found within the simple one-celled organism on up to the human form of life, and what was for months of reading and editing only a progression of thoughts transmitted by reading from a medium of ink and paper and then pondered upon in the confines of mind, by utilizing Cartesian graphs to categorize each of the simple-to-complex types of life forms, for the first time I had quite surprisingly transformed a mundane read of my treatise into an almost magical portal where I found myself as if perched within another dimension "outside" of this four dimensional universe of space and time we exist inside of. This perch I speak of is a vista view as if I were sharing a place with God, enabling me to also focus upon certain biological parameters from any one single type of life form or, if I chose to arrange the biological parameters in a different way I am then able to focus upon not one but many different types of biological life within this universe.

The treatise is also a template, a conceptual blueprint to theorize designs for the invention of practical, functional, and prototypical computer systems and devices mimicking biological cognition. A work of fiction, My Quest for Computer Cognition intends to be the spark challenging and motivating future generations toward the realization of computer cognition.

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