Digital Giving

How Technology is Changing Charity
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"I've seen the future; it's previewed in Digital Giving. You can either be scared or ignorant of what's coming, or learn how to love and use it. The difference is just the cost of this book and the time it takes for you to extract from it what will really matter."-Ken Burnett, author, Relationship Fundraising and The Zen of Fundraising

"With stories that leave you shaking your head Digital Giving is a must read to compete in philanthropy in the 21st Century."-Chuck Longfield, Chief Scientist, Blackbaud

"The direction that technology is taking fundraising is one that requires immediate understanding. Digital Giving is a great introduction A must read for we who are not tech savvy!"-R. Andrew Swinney, President, The Philadelphia Foundation

"Digital Giving challenges nonprofit leaders to engage with donors in a way unimaginable just a few years ago."-Paula Kerger, President, PBS

"A well-written, insightful book that brings together the some of the most exciting new media practices. A wonderful book. Read Digital Giving and take action!"-Bernard Ross, author, Breakthrough Thinking for Nonprofit Organizations

"It can be challenging to keep up with the rapid trends in online fundraising Digital Giving provides you with the do's and don'ts."-Christine Grumm, President and CEO, Women's Funding Network

"Vividly and candidly shows the potential of technology a must-read primer on managing relationships with donors."-Shannon Murray, Director, Cornell Silicon Valley

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