An Entertaining And Easy-To-Read Collection Of Inside Information, Fascinating Facts, Trivial Tidbits, and Helpful Hints By A Professional Oceanographer And Marine Meteorologist, To Help Make Your Voyages Safer And More Enjoyable
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What Are Reversing Rapids?

Is Humid Or Dry Air Heavier?

Where Is The Witch Of November?

Is The Greenhouse Effect A Bad Thing?

How Can Cold Soaking Affect Safety Afloat?

How Hot Does Ocean Water Get In Nature?

Are There Tides In The Mediterranean Sea?

What Effect Can Dead Water Have Upon A Vessel?

At About What Temperature Is Fresh Water Most Dense?

Are Winds Stronger In Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Or Downbursts?

What's The Difference Between Weather Advisories And Warnings?

Are Numerical Models The Best Method For Long-Range Forecasts?

What Is The Proper Radio Distress Call Prefix For A Man Overboard?

Learning the correct answers to questions like these can make your boating safer and more enjoyable, and Captain Bucko's Water & Weather Handbook makes learning about your natural environment more fun than ever before.

As a lifelong boater, educator, oceanographer, marine meteorologist, and writer for the boating industry, Roger is uniquely well qualified to convey traditionally boring information in an easy-to-understand, entertaining, and humorous way that boaters can appreciate. Whether you are a Sea Dog, Pollywog, Blowboater, or Stinkpotter, you will learn something new in Captain Bucko's Water & Weather Handbook!

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