Breaking Through the Barriers
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Who am I? What is my purpose? Everyone struggles with these thoughts. Even if we do find answers to these questions, there are still barriers that prevent us from discovering our true identity and living free. Some barriers we put up ourselves, while some are erected by others. Once we trust in God and discover how to break through these barriers, we become so much stronger.

An anthology of poetry, short stories, and essays, Transition recounts major moments and observations from the last ten years of author Allen Paul Weaver III's life. He shares many deeply personal aspects of his journey to self-discovery. He writes candidly about his suicide attempt and life struggles. Allen also seeks insight into the issues we all wrestle with: family, life, death, education, career, prejudice, relationships, society, the nature of God, and our destiny. No matter your gender or ethnic background, the profound thoughts in Transition challenge you to improve yourself and give you courage to break through the ever-present barriers that we all face.

God has a purpose for your life! Are you ready to take the journey?

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