Mercury, ultra trace analysis

HYDRARGYRUM, from diphenylthiocarbozone to atomic absorption
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  • Published: June 2013
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Dr. Paul H. Ramses Gouda, is a globally renowned chemist who authored several science books and papers. He has been credited with the foundation of several analytical laboratory procedures utilizing Atomic Absorption and Inductively Coupled Plasma for ultra trace analysis of As, Se, Sb &Hg. These Methods were officially adopted by EPL and by other agencies, and – as routinely practiced in the scientific arena – they were named after him.

The author, who first attended medical school before specializing in analytical chemistry and pharmacological research, has acquired two doctorates.

His contributions to the scientific community include a recent paper on the unique concept of the duplication and manipulation of neurological compounds to trigger a natural and optimum physiological response.

Tour the author’s books at and his book-signing sessions at and his science project, scheduled symposiums & seminars at

This book offers a complete coverage of mercury analysis methodology.

An analytical laboratory reference, a chemist manual, and a university textbook. A must for every library.

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