Governments in the Muslim World

The Search for Peace, Justice, and Fifty Million New Jobs
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  • Published: June 2013
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  • ISBN: 9781475994094
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Never in modern times has there been a greater need for understanding of the Muslim world. Nothing in that world is more important than the relationship between Muslims and their Faith, yet now that Faith has become far more confusing and challenging. The emergence of religious fundamentalism, often linked to terrorism, seems wholly inconsistent with the teaching of the Quran and the other holy documents of the Faith, which defines itself as a religion of peace and forgiveness. Muslims everywhere have found themselves facing two dilemmas: first, a failure of the governments that demand to rule them; and then a major concern over what kind of Faith true Muslims should believe in. But while religion tends to control people's lives, it is not the primary source of conflict in the Muslim world. That source is the yearning for power which has produced leadership unwilling to negotiate and unable to compromise, along with the sins of personal greed and a culture of corruption.

What do most Muslims really want? To live in peace, to live a devout life, and to achieve a successful life for themselves and their children. "Governments in the Muslim World" describes in many ways how far they are from these desires.

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